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Brian Smart

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Not a lot comes with this unit for install instructions? I have no software in my pack?? If someone can assist us that would be great.


1)where can we download the software from?


2)Does the usb header plug from the commander plug into a usb 2.0 header on the mobo or USB 3.0 header?


3) Does the control cable plug into the commander from thr cooloing node?


4) which cable and from where (commander or node) do we plug into the H100?


5) Do all fans including those plugged into thr H100 go back to the cooling node?

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I will try to help


1. Answered in previous post


2. Plug it into a 2.0 header. It might work on a 3.0 since I think 3.0 is backward compatible with 2.0 but I have not confirmed that.


3. + 4. Here is how I did it. I ran a digital cable from the H100 pump to the COMMANDER. I plugged my 4 fans on the H100 onto the H100 pump.


I then ran a digital cable from the commander to the cooling node. I hooked up all the rest of the fans to the cooling node.


5. NO. The fans on the H100 get plugged into the H100 pump. Those fans are then controlled by the digital cable that runs from the H100 to the Commander. All other fans get plugged into the cooling node. If you have 4 fans on the H100 then you may only be able to have 4 not 5 fans comnnected to the cooling node. I have not tested this myself.


READ ALL THE FORUMS I have already posted the answers to your questions. PM me if you need more help.

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