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Question about replacing H100 fans.


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I've got the H100 cooler and was looking to replace the stock fans with fans with integrated leds. Lot's of different fans are recommended online, but there are two questions that I can't find an answer to and I was hoping, someone in this forum could:


As far as I know the H100 Fancontroller has 3 settings (silent-balance-performance) and with each setting the attached fans run at different speed-profiles. Let's say I replace the stock-fan with fans that have a max. RPM of 1500. The silent profile runs from 600RPM up to 1300RPM. In that case the replaced fan will never reach it maximum speed. If I select the balanced profile (1300-2000RPM) the fan will reach its max. RPM very fast. If I select the performance profile (2000-2500RPM), the replaced fans will immediatly start at there max. RPM (in this case 1500).


Question 1.

Am I right in saying that to get the most use out of the different profiles I have to replace the stock-fans with fans with a max. RPM of 2500 and that if I want to change that I have to resort to the Corsair link to adjust the fan-profiles in the fancontroller of the H100 (if I connect a max 1450RPM fan, only the Silent-profile will actually change fan speeds, as the other two profiles will almost immediatly max out the fan RPM-wise) ?


Question 2.

If I replace the stock fans with fans that have a max RPM of 1450, is there any risk involved for the fancontroller (will it overpower itself to get the fan to run at >1450RPM)?


Actually, thinking of it, I just want to know if the fancontroller on the H100 is actually checking the real speed of the fans through PWM and is adjusting it according to temp\profile, or is it just outputting a certain voltage at a given temp\profile regardless of the actual speed of the fans?


I hope someone can help me with this...

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