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The Way I got my Twinx 3200LL Rev 1.2 to 240MHz 2-2-2-6

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I did it with 3.1 Volts on my AN7. Several days ago I was aware that giving CH5 Chips (Which is in Rev 1.2) 3.1 Volts + would make them really overclock. But I was not to successfull anyway. I could run them up to about 230MHz but they where unstable after several passes in memtest. And this was at 3.2 Volts. It turned out all I had to do was change the tRAS downwards from 11. I have now been testing almost 25 Passes (9 Hours + ) in Memtest error free at 240MHz CAS 2-2-2-6 @ 3.1 V :)))) Before I adjusted the tRAS I couldn't even make it to 220MHz bus with aggressive timings. Mem86 produced errerors after some passes. 245 is a no go. I'm almost sure the motherboard is limiting me here. Cause it doesn't matter what timing I run them at. But be aware, you will void your warranty by running them at 2.9 V +.... However, 3.1 + seems to be the only way with these suckers. You overrun the built in Voltage Regulator in the CH5 Chips by doing this. Here is a link: [url]http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/archive/index.php/t-94488.html[/url] I'm also using a special modified overclocker bios on the Abit AN7. Before this bios this motherboard had serious problems with 220MHz + bus speeds. See ya
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