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Force GT 120 GB problem


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hi chewbi


Did you look in to bios if 12 gb or detected or use a program?

Did you try to resect bios as default?

Did you test with memtest?

Very stange issue.

Unplug ssd to see if 12 gb is detected.

Dont need hrd drive or ssd to get in bios.

Hope this help

Sincerly yours


PS avec les accent tu parle peu etre francais, moi aussi.

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the hard drive is detected on SATA port 3/GB but not on ports 6/GB.

I tested with the bios set default IDE and AHCI mode with the ssd plugged into the port 6/GB. There is no point at all the ssd still have not detected! : (

The Rampage has two bios so I tried the same with the second bios not detected either.

I tested the RAM has nothing signialé.

Of course I could leave it on a SATA AHCI 3/GB because the SSD is stable but 3/GB :/


PS: Oui je parle français.

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