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Hello, I read a topic :




Where CMPSU-520HX cables a showed but on my hx520 I have a cable more... A 4 pins cable that I used for cpu/4 pins (next to the cpu) and in this photos I can't find it... :confused:

So I stupidly plug it on my 4 pins cpu conector since 2 month to show here that I should plus a 8 pins cable showned on your topic... :mad:

So your topic is wrong and what's this cable is it for... :confused:

It's a cable wich can't be removed as atx power cable and epx/atx 8 pins cable ! On manual this cable is not mentioned... I don't understand !:!:


Thanks for your answer and hope I didn't break any hardware of mine (mb, graphiccard...) I hope an answer soon. Thank you...


On this cable there is DST in small letter... May be it could help...

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