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Corsair 650D paint repair?


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Hi guys, first post so take it easy on me. I've read a lot of threads regarding custom paint jobs but I actually like the elegance of the case and want to keep it that way.


However i'm a little heartbroken, because I stupidly managed to scratch the case the day I bought it when installing the H100 water cooler. now the inside has a cluster of harline scratches which are quite visible, and it's really bothering me. Actually this isn't the first black case i've had, I found the antic 1200 to also be easily scratched. I was just wondering if anyone has experience in covering up scratches of on black cases, now I know the obvious answer is to get some black paint from the model store and paint the scratches, only unless I get the exact shade and texture it will mostly likely just stand out even more, It would be great if anyone knew the best kind of paint to use.


I mean i'm sure a lot of people with these cases suffer from paint chipping and scratches so this infer I imagine would be handy for a lot of people.


Thanks for all those who help.



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