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Corsair H80 Fan Replacement advice?


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Hello guys


i finally get my i7 3930k cpu and install with Corsair h80.. But as you know it's working loud on balanced and high mod!


so i want to replace stock fan with another silent and good performance fan..


i'm thinking Noctua NF-F12 PWM


here is the specs:

No code has to be inserted here.



So you guys recommand this fan for H80 ? And will i control this fan RPM with H80's profiles ?


Or if not which fan you suggest ?

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I've got a pair of Schythe Gentle Typhoon 1850RPMs on mine, and I'm pretty happy with them! The fan controller on my H80 doesn't work, so I'm controlling them through my MB, but good temps, low noise!


relatively low noise. They have a buzzing sound when they spin up to max, but are way quieter than the stock Corsair fans.

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It's difficult to recommend replacement fans for the H80 or H100 for use with their fan controller. Many fans do not work well with the fan controller, that is tuned for the characteristics of the stock fans. Users have reported odd behavior, such as the replacement fans speeding up and slowing down repeatedly.


Your Noctua fans have a lower top speed than the stock fans, 1500 RPM vs 2000 RPM. The static pressure spec is 1/3 to 1/4 that of the stock fans, which is something that is important for moving air through a radiator according to the "standard wisdom" about radiators. Some users report good results with lower static pressure fans.


Your new fans will be quieter than the stock fans, but likely won't cool as well under high CPU load. But which fans work well and not so well is almost pure luck it seems, so you may do fine with them.

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