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Internal USB 3.0 Header Connection for 800D


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Will Corsair be offering an internal USB 3.0 connection for the front panel upgrade kit?


Currently the only option is to run the USB 3.0 front panel cables out the back of the case and plug them into the rear motherboard 3.0 connections.


The RIVE has internal USB 3.0 connectors and I would love to use them and keep all the cabling inside the case.


The only alternative is to purchase a separate USB 3.0 internal adapter cable to convert the Corsair standard male-A USB 3.0 connectors to your motherboard's internal USB 3.0 header.


Any information would be appreciated.

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Ive been eyeing the 800d case for a long time and ive decided to grab it.. since corsair doesn't announce the next case and even if they did i dont think it would be the same price as the current case..


anyways im wondering also where do you buy a internal adapter cable for this?

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