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HS1 USB left ear cup has no sound


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I've had this headset for about five months now and have been loving it. However, all of a sudden sound isn't coming out of the left cup. I'm pretty sure it's because of a loose connection. If I jiggle around the wire I can get sound if I'm lucky... but then I have to freeze in that position or I'll lose sound :sigh!: I sent in a ticket yesterday but I haven't gotten a response yet. It might be too early to receive a reply but I thought I might as well post here. Also, my mic fell out of the headset, but it was still connected by a wire so I just threw on some scotch tape to reconnected the mic lol




Sorry quick edit. I've read that RMA'd HS1's are being replaced by the newer vengeance 1500. Is this true for all RMA'd HS1s?


Whoops. I just received an email for a RMA request. Still curious about the vengeance 1500 though. Thanks!

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