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Availiability of parts?


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So I stated that I needed a replacement lower HDD cover and they recommended I RMA it and issued a number, however I have nothing to RMA- I'm missing a lower cover, It's not available in the store to buy, so I requested a replacement.


What do I do now?

RMA number: 2651926

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Is this what you are looking for?

It is the door that covers the Hot swap bay's


If not then I think you may have to order a new front bezel.


Negative. I need this:



It's the L-shaped black plastic cover that slots in behind the bottom drive cage opposite of the PSU bay.


Like I said previously, This isn't available in the webstore, and putting in a request per Wired's instructions lead me to an RMA of a part I no longer have, which indecently is the reason I started this thread.



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