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H100, what can go wrong will go wrong


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been doing a lot of research on corsair products for cooling and to be honest i love that its compact small and nice looking compared to heatsinks. I went and bought an H60 and realized that the box was wet. when i opened it the case was exploded and fluid everywhere. I returned to frys and got another one and that one was missing screws and brackets. Then i was like whatever i will try a H100 and i got it and installed it. One question i have is i plugged the 2 corsair fans into the ports on the cpu block and the cpu block has 2 cables coming out of it. I'm sorry but i am new to computers, just built my first one =]. There is a 4 pin for power to be connected to the PSU. What is the other small 3 pin to be connected to. Is it normal that my 4 pin from the cpu block actually only has 2 metal pins out of four in it? and that my 3 pin only has 1 pin in it out of the posssible three? is that normal? And finally i have pluged it into sys_fan, Cpu fan and Pwr Fan and i cant get anyway to control speed.


2 hours after i plugged it in and now its making really weird pumping noise coming straight out of the pump........


what do i do? im gonna kill myself if i have to drive and return one more time. any help would be appreciated


I will keep trying till i get one that works. I love corsair. Just hope it doesnt keep hating on me =[

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The 1 wire in 3-pin is meant to be plugged into CPU_FAN header, it reports pump's RPM so that BIOS doesn't cry that you have no fans on the CPU.

The 4-pin Molex that only has two pins is used for supplying the pump with power.


If you connected the fans to the H100 then only thing you can do as much as controlling them is to select one of three profiles with the button on the H100 itself.


As for the noises the pump makes, there's a whole H100 Pump Noise thread, please read it. In short, you can RMA it and if replacement is noisy, RMA the replacement and then if that's noisy, RMA the replacement of the replacement and so on and so forth... Or, do a little trick.

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Resetting the firmware might be worth a shot;


1. While the computer is running, hold down the profile button for approximately five seconds

2. Wait one minute, while the unit continues to run

3. Shut down your computer

4. Press and hold the profile button for five seconds while turning on the power to your computer.

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