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DAW - which memory to get


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Hi everyone, I'm currently planning which parts to get for my next digital audio workstation. The main parts I intend to get so far are: 2x amd opteron 248 [url=http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderk8w.html]tyan thunder k8w mobo[/url] 4 s-ata HDS (8mb maxtor), for heavy duty audio streaming Now the question is, I mean I've seen the registered xms modules on the bottom of the xms page, but are they the optimal solution for these cpus, that motherboard, and the application in terms of performance and reliabilty? I want to get 2gigs of ram, and am wondering if that model is the right choice for a heavy duty sampling&sequencing worksation, and wether I should go for the 2x 1gb matched sticks (TWINX2048RE-3200), or for 4x 512mb sticks (each pair matched? or not matched at all?). What would be the 'best' in this case? please advise, thanks a lot! Markus
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