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HS1 Mic Issues with Ventrilo


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I had just purchased the Corsair HS1 headset over the weekend and have been trying to use it on vent.


The sound is perfect but my mic does not seem to be working at all. I literally have to move the mic into my mouth for vent to register and provide a sound output. Even when I turn the mic volume all the way up in the corsair GUI it still does not work. No one can hear me.


My Mic volumes seem ok when I test them in "Recording devices" within windows. and everytime i speak into it i can see the volume bar raise and drop


I have been trying to google my answer but have not had any luck. What can I do to make the mic better in terms of settings so that Vent can pick up what I am trying to say.



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Yes it does but once you start to turn up the output volume for the mic it picks up so much static.. even still i literally have to put the mic into my mouth to talk in order for it to recognize that the mic is being used.


Doing a google search, it seems like a lot of people have the exact issue but I have not yet found an answer. Hoping that someone on this forum can shed some light...


I really would hate to toss away $ on this unit if the mic does not work properly with vent. The headset is so comfortable and the sound is great...

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