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Corsair 650D Hot Swap stopped working!!


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Hello guys n gals.:D:


I have started having problems with my Corsair 650D Hot Swap top bay. When I insert a hard drive into it in hot-swap mode (ie the pc is on and already running) it crashes my pc and causes a bluescreen. It has been working absolutely fine for the first couple of months but this problem has raised its head and I can't solve it.


My motherboard is an Asus P8Z68-V PRO and I have checked through the bios and everything is set-up just as it was before. I then disabled the hot-swap feature on all the sata ports apart from the hot-swap bay and it still happens every time. I have tested all the ports on the motherboard to rule it out as a faulty port and it still does the exact same thing as soon as the hard drive is inserted. As a last resort I disconnected all the sata cables I have apart from my system drive and the hot-swap bay to rule out any other component interfering with the connection and it is still the same thing.


The only way I can now swap a drive over is by powering down my machine and inserting a drive and powering back up again - it seems to work find using this method but it isn't exactly ideal.


Any thoughts on what could be causing this - could it be a faulty attached cable from the hot-swap bay as that is just about the only thing I haven't ruled out.


Help please ...:eek:

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