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I recently purchased a Corsair M90 gaming mouse. I love the solid build of the mouse comfortable and perfect in every way, but I'm hating the software. How in the heck do you get BF3 to recognize the other buttons say button "15" which is the trigger button. I have tried the following below


>Hardware Enabled

>Save Profile to M90


I'm trying to assign "PARACHUTE" to button #15 but BF3 only recognizes


>left click

>right click

>wheel click

>the side forward button

>the side back button


Maybe someone with this mouse help chime in?



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  • Corsair Employees

Here is a link to the M90 user guide:





For BF3. You will need to Macro the in game BF3 key from the keyboard into your mouse button. Example. I want button 15 to pull out my primary weapon. When you record a macro you will press "1" on your keyboard.


You must run the Macro with Hardware enabled.

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