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Corsair TX850 Build Quality Issue


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I bought a Corsair TX850 a while back, when it arrived the very first time I pulled the power cable out of the back of it... Well the plastic "socket" started to pull out with it..(from the top maybe a 1/8th of an inch of so) So I was like whatever. I just put my hand over it and removed.(at the time I was made my current PC had duel 4870's and blew up my cheap HEC PSU. So I did some research and everyone highly mentioned corsair and having gone a week without my PC I decided I wanted a working PC then a perfectly fine socket on a PSU as I've not ever had any issues with it not to mention RMA time ect.. I was also a heck of alot more immature and just wanted to game)


Well I've been doing this for years when I moved my PC around.. Taking it places ect..ect.. (probably 10 times a year I unplug my PC and do something else I just added a new fan controller today) Each time I just put my hand across the plug and remove the cable.


Well this time it was easier to just remove the cable from the wall and I did so. While I was not paying attention my daughter (who is 2 years old doing her best to help daddy work on his "puter") pulled the cable.. when she did it just about pulled the "socket" on the PSU out of the the PSU.


So my first question is... Corsair wouldn't happen to let me pay them the difference to upgrade my RMA to a HX1050 would they? If not can't blame me for asking. Also I hate having so much wiring to hide in my 500R


Second question is.. my 500R... came with an empty white box. Which is just.. whatever to me I've been building PC's for years...( I have a metric crap ton of screws) Until I tried to install some after market fans and noticed that the holes on the case were entirely to big to use the stock fan screws.. is there anyways I could get some fan screws and apperently some extra rubber fan washers? ( I guess thats what you call them)


I think that covers it.. My Corsair Hydro H70 is awesome btw. Great job on whomever thought of it. Boo though to whomever put the white box in my Special Edition Arctic white 500R without fan screws / rubber washers. But again no big deal I'm way to laid back to care.. Although it would slighly annoy me if you guys couldn't hook me up with some screws if i send my PSU in to finally get it fixed right. (Yep thats right it still works just fine in its.... semi not to spec state go go corsair and quality parts)


Sorry for grammar and all that jazz. I've never been very good at it.

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