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CMT16GX3M41233C9 Extended Fins....


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Sooooo just wondering here. I got my sticks today and they are amazing in every way possible. They were getting pretty warm so I wanted to give them some more flair. So I headed over to the store to order me a set of extended red fins...ONLY 3 PACK?!?! Lol im confused...sell quad channel kits...only offer extended fins in packs of 3?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Anyone know how i can avoid buying 2 retail packs and just waste 2 fins? Id be fine paying a third of the price for a single fin from a pack to make it 4. So like 25ish and change for a pack of 4. Anyone know who to talk to? Already called corsair...They said tough luck. As it is out of there hands regarding product launches and retail side of things.


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