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Another fan speed question. Gentle Typhoons


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Just installed the Link&Light kit today, love it!


Altho I am kinda unhappy on actually fan speed controlling.

Why does it takes only 2 or 3 seconds for it to go from low noise / low rpm to max, but if i do it the other way around it takes a minute or two?


Also, I have gentle typhoons, the AP-15 models that run at 1800rpm. On max they will run just about ~1800. But they will not go below ~1475. Even with it manually controlled to 500rpm, they will not go below ~1475. I have a few other fans (OEMs that came with my Dragon Rider) in my case and they go down to ~625.

Why do I have no control over my Gentle Typhoons? I bought this kit to control them, specifically. And I get almost no control over them. 325rpm? Thats...nothing. I can't even tell the difference in sound.


Is there something wrong or do I just not understand?



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It took a couple days for the software to get my 140mm Thermalright fan down to 600ish. It was previously at 950-1000.


BIOS had no trouble getting it down to 600-666 out of the box.


It seems as though it took a while to learn the stall speed.


I was going to put that fan back on the motherboard, but before I got around to it, the Link got it right.

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