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hx620psu enough power?


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hi guys with the help of your forum i have just upgraded my pc to 12gb from 6gb which is great! i was using the pc for while after the upgrade then went out for an hour when i came back the pc had went to sleep as it does but when i tried to wake it up there was nothing so i rebooted and it was fine!

i have just started up the pc and i had to press the power switch a couple of times to get it to boot up, do you think that fitting the corsair dominator 3x4gb and the airflow fan has put a strain on the power supply?

i checked to see if the 12gb was showing in system tools asn it is do i need to do anything else?


ps this is my second psu,that did a similar thing before it failed it was under warranty so no problem there but these seem to be failing?

i have an asus p6x58d-e mobo with i7 930 cpu


thanks :biggrin:

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I have same mobo/cpu and had weird issues when I installed my 6x2gb kit. Like turning off 3times on every boot until it posted, then loaded fine, but only showed 8gb in windows. Mine were 2 3x2gb kits and I guess one set wanted to be the primary I switched the sets (ram in black slots to blue and vice versa) and now there running mint overclocked from 1333 to 1544. Try switching the sticks around. If that doesn't work test with memtest86. If a problem occurs after installing something new... Its likely what you installed. Or you may need a bios update to properly support a 3x4gb kit.
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