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H80, brandnew: On-off-bug. Fans go crazy.


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Information for Asus P9X79 owner. Don't use the so-called CPU Fan Connector on the MB. Asus mislabeled this Connector. The right one is the next one. Take a look at the manual.




my brandnew H80 build in a brandnew X79-system shows a strange bug. Every 10 seconds it stops and starts over and stops and starts over and again.


Watch this video, made with Galaxy S2:



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Fan controllers dead/malfunctioning.


My first one lasted just under a week, the 2nd was DOA.


The third is coming soon, maybe this one shall work.


Couple of my friends have also had issues with their H80's.... all exactly the same problem, purchased from different places to ensure there are no bad batches.

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If it's the same as H80s' that myself and friends have had then any fan plugged into the left pin-header will stop and start, any fan in the right works 100%.


We also get top 2 bars illuminated and the person flashing or just illuminated when attempting the firmware reset.


My first Corsair product and to be honest the 2nd faulty product I have had in over 10+ years (unless you count Win me)


The thing that annoys me the most is that each time my H80s have died I have had to reinstall it and I have degenerative discs so its not easy.

That and the fact that I worry if something as simple as a fan controller seems to be dying all the time do I really want the product pumping water through my system.

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In my case both fans did start and stop over and again. I have to check these illuminated areas but it seems that they are glowing constantly.

I have been buying Corsair products for many many Years as well without complaints.


What helps instantly is just connect the molexs to the Fan Connectors on MB. But You lose the fan control. Or just use a fancontroller. But I strive against this as the whole product becomes obsolete.

This is my first liquid cooler.

Sorry, for Your discs. Maybe lift the rig within reach?

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