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Buzzing in my HX750W


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Hey everybody,


I'm a little perplexed with my 750W Corsair at the moment.


I have had an intermittent, quiet-but-noticeable buzzing in my PSU since I built the computer in October. I live in a very old house with suspicions of non-code power, so I purchased a different power strip with noise suppression (but not line conditioning. No good. The buzzing is quieter, but still present.


I am a little alarmed for a couple reasons.


  • The buzzing is audiable when the computer is on and when it is off.
  • My girlfriend's computer is on the same circuit and power strip, with no noise.
  • I will automatically get the noise if I turn on a specific set of lights in the room.


Should I consider this a PSU issue, or should I be looking into a line conditioner?



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  • Corsair Employees
What you are describing is some sort of feed back or interference when the lights are on and there is no cause for alarm. I would try and move the computer to another power outlet that is not on the same breaker with the use of a grounded extension cord to test it.
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Hey there,


So, I ended up RMAing my power supply. The new unit is good, and doesn't buzz when the tower is off anymore. However, I'm still getting the same problem with regard to VSync causing the unit to audibly emit an electrical buzzing when the video card is under load.


I know this is normal, but input lag makes my games essentially unplayable with VSync on. Is the buzzing injurious to the PSU?

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