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800D Hotswap Bay Problem


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I'm currently using the stock (sata 2) backplane for the hotswap interface.


Up until now, I've had no problems with the hotswap bay. Last night, I took out my SSD to use somewhere else temporarily. This morning, after putting it back in, BIOS would not detect the SSD. I tried all of the hotswap bays with both the SSD and HDD, and each time the HDD would be detected, but the SSD would not. Finally, I tried connecting the SSD directly to the motherboard and everything worked fine.


The only thing I can think of is that the SSD isn't making the connection with the backplane, but it's not doing that in all four bays? There's also only one way to mount the SSD onto one of the drive sleds, but I REALLY don't think I'm doing that wrong.


Thanks for reading, any ideas?

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