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Is my Memory Faulty?


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Was hoping someone could offer some help with this as its driving me mad.


I am having constant system freezes. By freezes I mean everything on my PC just totally freezes. So no BSOD, no rebooting just the display locks up as does the mouse pointer and everything else. You can tell its frozen as the time in the bottom right hand notification tray stops on the PC too.


At first I thought it was my hard drive as I was having so many problems with it my SSD so I bought another different SSD model. It did not fix it.


I have reinstalled windows to no fix. I am using Windows 7 x64.


On googling the likely problem is said to either a RAM fault. Or memory timings not setup right in the bios. I am not overclocing anything in my system.


The memory I have is; Corsair Vengeance Performance Memory Module 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Unbuffered DIMM


So that is 16GB overall.


My motherboard is a Gigabyte. GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 (with F10 bios - latest)

And PSU is a Corsair HX620w Modular.


It will freeze at least once a day. Even if just sitting on the desktop doing nothing it will freeze. So far today it has frozen twice.

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Normally failing memory will not cause a hard lock. You were obviously able to install Windows with out much trouble, where during the setup did the lock ups start to happen?


Never once during setup did it occur.


Just using the PC it will randomly freeze. Even if I leave it alone not being touched it will freeze.


I looked in the bios and my memory was running as 1333. i changed it to 1600 in the overclock settings. Maybe a bad thing to do. But I thought my memory was 1600?


I have not had any freezes today but think that is just luck as opposed to fixed. Do you think this could be the issue causing this?


But I am getting to the stage where I want to know a fix. I have been reading that memory does not play well with my particular motherbaord.


What would you say be the likely issue causing just totally abrupt random hard freezes.


What I will also say is if I am playing music when a freeze occurs the speakers make a ghastly loud constant noise until I hard reset the PC by holding the power switch for 5 seconds.


Like I say every google search for random freezes suggests a memory timings issue.

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Hard locks are rarely the memory at fault maybe incompatible memory but not failing memory. I would check with the MB Maker for the latest MB BIOS and try and load setup defaults and enable XMP profile one and test the system with http://www.memtest.org.

And these modules are made for and tested on Intel Sandy Bridge MB's so they are indeed compatible. Memory problems can cause the system to freeze but normally you would get other errors directly related to memory.

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enable XMP profile one


Hi Ramguy, figured some feedback would maybe be useful for other members with similar problems.


But I enabled the XMP profile in my Gigabyte motherboards bios and since doing that I have not had one single system freeze.


I hope this does not jinx it, but it appears that was the fix to my problem.


So relieved as it was driving me crazy and I was not sure what was causing the freezes; the motherboard, Ram, PSU, Graphics card, processor, an addon of some sort. And I did not relish RMAing any of them.


You are a Life saver.


Thank you

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