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I just got the keyboard in yesterday. Changing the key was a snap to do. Love the layout and the the feel is of a solid, sturdy keyboard. I'm use to a much bigger keyboard so it has taking my fingers time to get used to the postioning again.


I understand why people think they are getting ripped by this being a hybrid board.For me it doesnt make a difference rather the f keys and the 9 bank set of keys arent as I dont use them as much.


As far as the shift and space bar key I havent notice any difference in the pressure or where I press on the space bar.


My typing has improved over the use of a dome switch board thats for sure. Pressing they keys in games and in games like MW3 and doing what you want and need to do when you press the keys is a blessing in disguse.


I didnt realize how much I missed a mech. keyboard. I'm glad I went back. My son also has a K60 as well and he loves it.

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