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Force 3 120 GB - write speed stuck at 450MB/s?


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Recently I was getting very poor read/write speeds (approx 100/40MB/s)


After a lot of forum reading, I updated firmware and drivers for everything from BIOS to SSD. Also decrypted my Trucrypt WDE.


One thing I havent done is install any AHCI stuff during Windows pre-install. I have however done it all post install (whether this has worked is another matter). AHCI is enabled though.


Ive never had any BSOD or hangs.


Anyway, this is my current performance with PC in Safe Mode (thought this was best way to get performance without any software interference)


Read speeds I guess are ok but write speeds look stuck at 450MB/s to me.


I've got a pretty good system spec, so reckon I should be topping 500MB/s at least.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance



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Did you do the test on a freshly secure erased disk?


Couldn't the ~50MB/s account for the speed loss of a 'dirty' disk, which has to erase blocks prior to writing them as opposed to a 'fresh' disk which has lots of free blocks and doesn't have to do the erasing first?


Just a thought...

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Read speeds I guess are ok but write speeds look stuck at 450MB/s to me.


My drive performance is exactly the same (you can look at my specs). I believe this is an unavoidable byproduct of normal use. If I secure erase my drive, write speed temporarily returns to 520 or so but it's not long until it's back down again.

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Guys, can you actually tell the difference from everyday use whether it's performing 500MB/s or 450MB/s writes? I'm taking my bet that you don't, since you'd need another fast SSD medium to transfer data from to even hit those sequential transfer speeds.


For comparison, a mechanical consumer HDD can do like 150MB/s - and that's burst speed which will drop to ~100MB/s sequential. What I'm trying to say here is that you're rocking a vastly superior technology which really doen't benefit much from going from 450MB/s to 500MB/s throughput.


So am I saying that you shouldn't pursue maximum performance from your system by tweaking all your components? No, I take great pleasure in tweaking and optimizing stuff as well. However, you'll probably find - as I did - that it really isn't good use of your time trying to optimize SSDs and doing Secure Erases often. You're only getting peace of mind for a short period of time knowing that your drive performs optimally before you have to do it again.


Just my thoughts :)

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Thanks for replies.


The disk isnt exactly dirty, about 4months old, probably does have a load of crap on it by now though.


I tried a bit of tweaking, and running windows in normal mode with (with Nod32 AV running in the background too) got these results, not massive improvement but I guess nothing to be sniffed at.




After a bit of reading seems there is a bit of a performance drop with some AMD chipsets. Nevermind.


Then again, above comment about whether i'd notice the extra 50MB/s is a fair one.


But if we werent all trying to squeeze every last drop out of our kit, we probably wouldnt be here!

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