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NO POST, BIOS can not see SSD


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edit: too long a post, so made it short and sweet


1: only my (ASUS M2N-SLI) fails to SEE (PNP = see) the SSD, no matter what , and for sure will never boot the SSD from Corsair (its not a Corsair issue for sure) my ssd works on all other system in shop.

2: if I attach my FORCE 120 to any system in my shop, including this,.


a: old 2001 PC with no SATA, so i attach my 2002 SATA 1.5 SIL-3112a chip based PCI card, and the SSD works perfect , i installed XPlite in 8 min flat. and XPlite screems,,


This ASUS board, is bad, it can not PNP the SSD.

my best assesment is i that it can not drop to the lower SATA rates to find the SSD.

my guess, ( its not sata3 mobo) so is really SATA3, (says so in book ) but has bugs and SATA3 fails. (1000s of posts on that on line) so the Asus fails to drop to SATA 2 and find my SSD.

the old Nforce (AMD) 560-SLI chips had huge SATA3 bugs. we are told.


my log, has all the details.


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THANKS ! for helping !

that is correct the M2N Bios PNP does not see the drive. AT ALL.




but the SSD works perfect on all other systems.

including non SATA systems (with add in card)


i just put in an old Sata1.5 card and installed XPlite to the SSD

in 8 minutes flat. it screams.... clearly the new ssd can fall back to Sata 1.5.


the problem is

1: Bad BIOS in the ASUS M2N (has beta upgrades, and is risky)

2: or the rumored bug in the Nforce 560 set:


here is the rumors. found; in the Asus , Corsair and Amd, intel forums.

A: Many SATA controllers can enable AHCI either separately or in conjunction with RAID support.

B: Intel recommends choosing RAID mode on their motherboards (which also enables AHCI) rather than the plain AHCI/SATA mode for maximum flexibility,



Some older SATA II motherboards do not have auto speed negotiation and will not see the SATA III drives.



the M2N has Sata dis-enable or auto. 2 choices. and fails to see my SSD. amazing at it seems. and yes i tried the RAID switch. which takes 10 mins at boot and fails to see SSD.




i can move my SSD to any machine with this attached PCI card and it boots XP. (i have XPlite on my SSD now for testing )




for now i got a new Sata3 add in card in the mail...


time to upgrade. to m5a99x.

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thanks !

yes, but the 1.5 oldest chips set works (circa2002) , so that means the M2N PNP scan is faulty, that is, it does not scan using all SATA rates. as you may know all quality

SSD will work at the spec. speed and are downward compatible.as does HDD,


Some HDD have a switch that allows that, if in fact it can scan below Sata 3 rates..



there is one more exception , i see Asus warns that new SATA DVDs fail on sata3 ports.

so they tell you to connect it to the lower 2 slow ports, (M5a is one example)


the solution is a new M5A99x , it works on all devices.

i filed a SPR at Asus on this , maybe they can fix it. with a bios fix. I will post back their response to my ticket.




PS i found the rumor, it is infact on the offical asus web set under FAQ


Controller limitations:


o Cause: There could have been a known limitation with the existing SATA/RAID controller, such as limited support to particular SATA standards or specifications.




this may be an Nforce 560 limit !

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so i gave wife my M2N-SLI (NEWEST BIOS) mobo is 2008 hardware date code, ver 1.00G

i now have my new 120GB ssd , in a new mobo. M5a99x. FX4100 (fast is the word , thanks Corsair !)


and here is how i did it all , not losing 3 years of data. "clone way'

the fresh load way, is childs play, really. (boot, install , run) what more ?


it is a rocket, LOVE MY CORSAIR !!


my page below is for worst case. this page shows you how to do it and not lose anything, at all. 15 steps (not counting 18 tuning tips, the 18 are linked on my page, and are not my work.)

15 steps (and have cake and eat it too.) PM me if you see a missing step.




see my last step with w7, 32bit and using a ram disk to ran a swapfile of .98 gb. (free software)

max speed.....

if your mobo is old ( trash ,it, no kidding, get a rocket 620x add-in card. and run it for sata III full functions. no the bandwidth is limited to the PCI-e slots BW, )

HighPoint RocketRAID 620 2 SATA Port PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA 6Gb/s RAID Controller.

if you need full bandwidth , get a new MOBO, the new mobo will have full bandwidth 6gb/s on the SATA3 ports(some) RTM !


i found one 62x(model 620) on sale for like $20, search by PN to find it AKA: 62X CARD



for fun , i installed my SSD 120GB to very old 2003 mobo, using a very old SATA 1 addin cardz"SIL3112a", 1.5gb/s . and installed XP on it to just see if it works.

i installed, my XPlite version. of XP

it installed in 15min and boots in 8 seconds. (best of 2 worlds, lean XP and fast SSD) one could build a Game system that way with PClite (new name for Xplite)

so there you go, the SSD can be installed on any PCI system or newer.


retired ET

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