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Reported Low Power HX1000W


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I posted a month or two back I think about possible power issues after changing my motherboard, low voltages reported on the 3.3, 5 and 12v lines both in the bios and windows tools. I ended up going back to my old board and returning the new one which seemed better. Although there was still possibly a slightly lower than ideal value reported for them.


I'm now having an issue where the pc is fine apart from when I try to run anything 3D, after a minute the display will be totally lost, monitor goes to no signal, and the pc then freezes and has to be restarted.


I've done a bit of searching around the problem and one thing which has cropped up is it could be down to a faulty psu not supplying enough voltage to the video card.


I've noticed again that the voltages reported are low, the bios currently has the 3.3 line flagged in red showing 2.95v, but also the 5v line is 4.64 and the 12 is 11.69. I believe all of these are below the 5% limit for the atx standards.


I have plugged in a spare molex line to the psu and put a meter on the pins which show the values as pretty much correct, 11.95v and 5.02v so I'm not sure what is going on. I know that the bios and therefore windows reporting is not totally accurate, but this is now over two motherboards.


I've already tried a fresh windows install, changed the video drivers and also the card firmware, so not sure what else to do really.


Any other suggestions? Or is it time to suggest and RMA? Or something else at fault?





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Right, bit of an update...


Had a good read through the stickied threads and noticed about the different power rails for the pci ex slots. Had a look at how I'd set mine up and I am using the two hard wired pci ex cables, not got anything in the 4 blue modular ports.


So, I've popped in 2 pci ex modular cables into the blue ports, connected them to the gfx card and tested it all...


The voltages have all gone up, the 3.3v from 2.91 to 3.12, the 5v from 4.65 to 4.81, and the 12v from 11.65 to 11.86.


I've tested with 3dMark11 which was failing to complete at all before which now runs through perfectly well. I'll try a couple of games in a minute but I think it should be ok from what I've seen so far.


So, do I just accept that I've set it up incorrectly in the first place and it should be set up like I have now, using the blue pci ex ports? Bearing in mine that it's all been working basically for the last 2 years? Or is there still some underlying problem and I should look at RMA'ing the psu? It pretty much confirms that it was a power problem causing the video card to fail I think.



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What you might be experiencing is over current protection on a 12V rail. By changing to the modular PCI-E connectors, you moved to another "virtual" 12V rail that had no load on it. Otherwise those voltage readings are low and out of spec when you had things connected to the non-modular cables.


As I recall, a HX1000 is two 500 Watt power supplies in one chassis. Your first wiring configuration put most of the load on only one of those supplies. When you changed the video card connection to the modular cables, you tapped into the other 500W supply. Balancing the load on that type of PS is critical, as you have seen.

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