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memtest ram errors, RAM GUY need help


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I just bought a second stick of cmx512-3200c2pt to run dual channel ddr. when both sticks are in together my system doens't post no matter what config. or combination of slots i use. Both sticks work by themselves though. At first i thought it was maybe because my older stick is rev. 2.2 and the one i just bought is 4.2. i downloaded memtest to test the two sticks. my older stick had something like 11,000 errors and my new stick had 6. RAM GUY is there any way I can exchange the older stick or both sticks for error free sticks. Or are they giving errors because i don't have the timings set right. I have them both set to run at 2-3-3-6. Also, does the problem with the system not posting have to do with the errors in the ram. the revision number or something else altogether? Please Help! ASUS P4C800 Deluxe P4 2.4C 512mb cmx512-3200c2pt
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