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'Custom' K90 wrist rest - attempt #1


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For all those (without midget hands) who find the stock wrist rest next to useless, this is my first attempt to 'fix' that.


It's 18mm foam (same as yoga mat) that I've cut and stuck to the existing wrist rest. I hacked it a bit as you can see though for the time being its much better than stock.


I used long strips of double-sided tape to hold it, and as the foam is very light it does NOT move at all, which was an initial concern.


I am going to redo it in coming days - hope to get thicker foam to give bit more lift, and to have it parallel to desk instead of sloping down. I'm also going to put the flat side on top (instead of cut/hacked bit). It's all a learning curve. Only cost me $5 for the foam so no big deal.



Just before sticking it on - double sided tape:



Job well done, time for a beer:



Side shot #1:



Side shot #2:



Hope it helps others who can't wait for Corsair to release a modded wrist rest.



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