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i see Corsair's offered "format utilities" --




now what do they mean?!


my specific problem: using xp pro 32 and trying to format a corsair voyager 16gb usb 3.0


ms will allow only a fat32 format -- it will not allow exFat, even though the formatting window lists it as an option (i seem to recall that ms allowed exFat about a year ago -- it caused me nothing but trouble), and NTFS is not even listed as an option.


some of the files that i want to write are larger than fat32 will allow... so which of the aforesaid "format utilities" can i -- should i -- use: "SDCard"; "HC FlashDrives 64Gig"; "Fat 32 Format Utility for drives above 32 Gig"?


whatever obiter dictum you'd like to inject will be appreciated -- as long as it's not in the enigma-in-terms-of-a-conundrum form.


-- confusing to a noob

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Windows will not support partitioning a removable drive that is the issue you are getting. To over come this please go to Device Manager of the host system the Flash drive is connected to and under disk drives you should see the Corsair Flash Voyager listed right click and select properties then under Policies select optimize for better performance then select Okay and close then you should be able to reformat to another file system.
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