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F60 Boot Device inaccessible


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Hi guys,


Hoping someone can help me out with a problem with my F60 SSD.


I was playing SWTOR yesterday when all of the sudden the computer crashed (I've never had a problem with this before). After a restart i was greeted with a b/w screen saying that my boot device was inaccessible (Windows 7 - 64bit is installed on my F60 SSD). I've tried opening the chasis and pull the cables from the SSD and putting them back in without any luck.


I've then installed Windows 7 on my normal harddisk to see if i could run some scans on the F60 SSD, but I can't even see it on the list of devices.


I have bought the computer pre-built about a year ago and haven't had any problems or done any modifications to it.


What should i do?

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