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Refurbished HX1000W with random power off / fail to power on


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Hi there,


-RMA'd my first Corsair HX1000W (faulting after 2.5 years of good operation, was still under warranty) in May 2011

-Received refurbished HX1000W

-No symptoms for a couple of days except for 'melting glue smell', otherwise normal operation

-PC begins doing one of the following each time I try to boot (these symptoms are similar to the ones experienced with my RMA'd psu):

> instant power off during post or windows loading, followed by attempted reboot and another power off (then does nothing)

> instant power off while 3D gaming (quad sli cards)

- Symptom likelihood seemed to increase / worsen over next few months

- Purchase cheap PSU for diagnostics and as a spare

- When cheap PSU is installed, no symptoms at all

- Procrastinated for several months to ensure that refurbished PSU was the problem / procrastinated for no other good reason.


Therefore, I have to conclude that my refurbished PSU was also faulty / the fault was not detected during Corsair QA.


Questions for the guru(s):

A) Can I get another RMA approval please? Purchased PSU 21 Jan 2009, understand there was a 3 year replacement warranty. Kicking myself for not lodging this request about a month ago.


B) Taiwan is my nearest Corsair depot, shipping 5kg to it costs $90. Am I able to get reimbursed for the fee this time or should I wear it?



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