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Vengeance vs Dominators


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So I'm a bit confused right now. I'd just like to get confirmation on the difference between CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9R/CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9 (Vengeance4x4GB kits, I know the main difference here is color) and the CMP16GX3M4X1866C9 kit (Dominator). On newegg they both cost the same amount and they run at 1.5V as well as 1866MHz. I know that the Dominators have a better heatsink but i've read that the Vengeance line is better in that it was made for Sandy Bridge and are denser memory or something i don't know. Just would like info from the source.


For reference i'll be using these kits for a Sandy Bridge-E build that I'll be building as soon as the 3930K C2 steppings come into stock.

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