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Will I loose warranty if I open my PSU out of necessity?


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My first post on the forums :biggrin:


As the title says, do I loose warranty if I have to open the AX1200 PSU? The reason is this. Last night as I was gaming, I heard this loud fan-clunking noise. I immediately opened the case, as I thought a bug got caught in the large side panel fan again, it happened before. But all the fans inside my case were free of obstruction. So the only fan left was the PSU fan. So I removed the PSU and what did I see? A gecko caught in the blades, all mangled up. I tried to shake it out of the PSU, but to no avail. The only thing I could do was to open the casing and remove it from there myself. And that is what I did. I only removed the screws necessary to lift the bottom casing, where the fan attaches. I lifted it only about an inch, to give it enough room to shake the dead gecko(and its severed tail) out of the unit. once all the remains were out, I put the casing back together. I did not touch any component inside the PSU, nor did I try to separate the fan from the bottom lid. Like I said, all I did was remove the small external screws, including the one under the "Warranty void if removed" label, so I could lift the bottom lid. I should mention, the label is still affixed to the casing, it just has a hole where it covers the screw.

So, I need to know from the Corsair reps, did I void my warranty or not, as what I did was justifiable in my opinion, I didnt want to RMA the unit just because something was caught in the fan,even though the unit works fine


Sorry for a long post, but I wanted to be thorough as much as I could.


Thank you

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  • Corsair Employees

We really cant answer that on the forum but If the PSU is working there is likely nothing to worry about.

If you do have a problem just let me know and I will do what I can to help you.

But technically if the unit is opened by an unauthorized service person the warranty is VOID.

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