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Vengeance 1500 hissing sound


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I have recently received a replacement headset after my HS1 broke, however I also had this problem with that headset.


Basically I can constantly hear a very slight hissing sound, the only way to stop it seems to be to mute windows sound completely, even turning it down to zero has no effect.


Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Corsair drivers, messing with all the settings and nothing seems to work.


I know it is not a faulty headset as I had the exact same issue with my previous HS1, so I don't see an RMA doing any good, was more wondering if anyone knew of a work around or solution to this problem.



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Do you hear the hissing sound when the microphone is not in use?


In that case it’s self-noise.


I noticed it the first time I plugged the headset. After doing some research, the hiss or self-noise seems to be the norm with amplified headset. It should not be noticeable when you are actually playing audio trough the headset.


As for a way to diminish or completely remove it, I have no idea. Sorry.


But, if you hear a high-pitch whine when the microphone is active, that’s another topic. See M.K.'s post above.

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I have had exactly the same problem with hissing sound/white noise in all 3, the 2 times RMAed HS-1, and the replacement 1500.

RMAs were for 1: Left Ear has stopped sound. 2: Mike stopped working; so these arent related to this but are additional issues with the headset(s).


Microphone or not, the noise is there, and is very noticeable and annoying!

It does not depend on the output or mic volume, but does intensify with muting the mic using the button.

I can even hear the noise changing as I'm clicking around different windows or making the HDD work harder.


The default windows driver sets the mic feedback so you can hear yourself, which adds more to the noise.


Specs are high end AMD with dual boot Windows 7 & XP.

Whether using USB 2.0 or 1.1 only via BIOS, the noise is present and persistent.

Switching ports has no effect on its intensity.

The only way to get rid of, is to MUTE output.


I'm very certain that 100% of these headsets are affected.

Most likely has to do with the way the thing is wired, hardware, something with ground possibly, something within the volume control / mic mute black module that gets pretty hot at times..

I can almost guarantee that is the case here.


My COST at owning Corsair was $99 HS-1 + $12 S&H 1st RMA + $10 S&H 2nd RMA + (1+1.5=2.5) months without the headset + Whatever many frags I lost because speakers arent great for 3D hearing) + Stress +..


It's quite ridiculous to watch the fancy videos on HS-1 and Vengeance 1500 with all these sound gurus from Corsair describing the headset as the best thing ever, but none can hear the obvious deal breaking noise!


Ideally they should let us keep the headsets but COMPENSATE with 50% OFF REFUND or do a RECALL!

These are worth about $40-50 retail.

The looks, the leather, the memory foam and feel are great, but that is 10% of a good headset, the 90% is the usability for sound. And having hissing sound when none is expected is a DEFECT, whether by engineering design or the manufacturing process.


We need an official Corsair representative to publicly answer to this issue and offer something in return, if not the solution to this problem.


At least I never bothered for their RAM for myself, but did build a few systems for people with XMS.

Here's my Advice: Stick to RAM Corsair!


Additional thoughts / P.S.:

I have to admit that the sound is great and the 50mm drivers are a plus.

But just because you dont notice the hissing, it's still there, you can hear it by lowering the volume.

And it cannot be a good thing, just because you dont notice it with sound, you still absorbing the additional noise.

It is not a USB limitation. Other headsets have none or very minimal hissing.

The 1300 is probably the way to go instead and use a good Sound Blaster card, but at this point I'll just deal with these.

Would be a cool feature to automute when no sound detected, to at least help you forget about it...

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Would have to agree with MrG completely, it's not a bad headset, there are just a few issues that really ruin it for me, which is a shame.


The issues seem to be the same as others on this board, there is a slight hissing as previoulsy mentioned, it gets much worse when the mic is being used, as mentioned in this thread and this one also.


I also have the issue of sound swapping channels, the same as here.


This doesn't seem to be only me having these issues, and it's not just the head set, as I had the same issues with my previous HS1, that was RMA'd for a different reason.


Would be great if we could get some feedback from Corsair, as the problems seem quite common, and as I said they ruin an otherwise very good headset.

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Here is one solution i found...(only tested on windows 7)

uninstall the corsair driver(the program has close to no options anyway)

let windows install its own driver for it


you get access to all the same feature with the microsoft driver except for the equalizer. losing the equalizer is totally worth it for no hissing sound IMO.

but most people won't notice it unless they have sensible ears anyway.

You even get the option Bass booster which you don't even get with the corsair driver.(at least not for me)

you can turn the virtual 7.1 in the recording property. i don't know if it perform the same or not though... I don't have anything 7.1 to test.

now i just need to find a way to get rid of the little buzzing sound when recording.

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I just got my 1500 also from an RMA after having the same issue as most did from the HS1 USB (Cracked). I'am having a hissing issue with the 1500s now when gaming in BF3 for about an hour with the mute button enabled and all of a sudden the sound stops and the mute changes color to enabled and nothing is heard again. Unplug/replug the USB and nothing happens. Uninstall/Reinstalled + Restarts within each process included and the same issue happened quicker than the first time. I'am thinking its software related. I will try a few more rounds again and see what happens and get back.
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