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Corsair H70 - Backplate Question


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Hi there! I am currently building my first home-made custom PC, and Im currently in the process of installing the Corsair H70 CORE to my GA-Z68XP-UD4 motherboard to cool my 2500k processor. However, there is something that puzzles me and Im hoping you help me out. This question might seem stupid, but keep in mind that this is my first time doing anything like this :D


My question is in regards to the installation of the backplate. The backplate came with two rubber spacers that you can see here


Im pretty sure that these spacers are there to prevent any direct contact between the motherboard and the backplate. In all the H70 installation videos that Ive seen, the spacers appear to make direct contact to the motherboard. However, on my motherboard, there are metal pins that make contact with the right spacer on my backplate, as you can see here and even closer here


Is this normal? Are the spacers there to specifically protect those from direct contact to the backplate? Can I still install my H70, or am I in trouble? I thought that these screws were supposed to go all the way through the holes on the motherboard, and out the other end?


Thanks for the help in advance!

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I do not foresee any issue with the rubber pad coming into contact with those pins. In fact, I think it is a good thing that the pad is there to protect those pins from damage. As far as those screw mounts on the backplate going through the holes on the MoBo, they should.


See Corsair's little writeup here. You should be good. Just take it slow, be careful and just don't do anything to damage the MoBo or the processor. Also make sure to stay grounded. I'm sure you already know this, but it never hurts to reiterate the importance of avoiding ESD.


Hope this helps,

Lestat II

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lol @ Yellowbeard. Nice, didn't know that was double-sided tape. Can it be used without taking the strip off of the sticky side and just be used as a buffer pad? Just curious. :):


That's what I do all the time now since about the 1st or 2nd H50 I installed WAY back. I move stuff around so much that I don't want to hassle with peeling and replacing the tape each time.

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