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Bug with a kit of CMX8GX3M2A1333C9


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Hi people,


i have a real strange problem.





CPU:Phenom II X6 1055T (2.8 GHz)

MEM: 2X 4GB : CMX8GX3M2A1333C9

GPU: GeForce GTX 460


Bios settings


CPU @ 3.5Ghz

CPU Volt: 1.44


NB @ 2.5

CPU-NB Volt: 1.2v


Dram @ DDR-1333

Dram Volt: 1.65v


So the strange thing,


when i launch Memtest with one Stick everything is fine (5 pass)

but when i launch it both stick i got this ->




Any idea ?


thx a lot people.

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hooo i didnt't thought of that (bad slot)


but i dont thing is a slot issue (because before my test there where on slot 3 & 4) and i had already this problem. now i'm on 1 &2


i'm currently testing on 1 & 3 (with no Dual channel) just to see what happen.


so for you is the North Bridge how is bugy ?

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Hi again,


With Slot 1 & 3 (mean no Dual channel on this mother board)


i have no more error ->




but what is really weird is the memtest show ~DDR-1066 for speed


but in the bios the speed is set for DDR-1333


and in Windowe (CPU-Z)


we can read ->



So at what speed the memory actually goes ?

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