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16gb kit compatibility with ga-ep45t-extreme


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Hi there,


I have a older socket 775 system with the following:


Gigabyte ga-ep45t-extreme

e8600 CPU


I would like to get a 16gb dual channel kit that is compatible with this motherboard. I have read that many people have had trouble with these DDR3 motherboards. I was looking at getting the following kit:






Its not in the 'compatible list' for my motherboard on this site, however no 16gb kit is. Can anyone help at all?

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  • Corsair Employees

These older MB's require memory modules made with memory IC's that are 256M X 8 and currently most if not all of our DDR3 production is made with 512M X8 memory IC's. So in a nut shell there is a good chance the modules you purchase may not be compatible. We do still manufacture some modules with the lower density memory IC's but the cost of the lower density memory is about a 20% premium over the newer higher density memory IC that are more widely available. My suggestion would be to wait until you are ready to purchase a new MB and CPU and then get one of those sets. But if you decide to try it just make sure the reseller will let you return them if they dont work.

We cannot specify the version when ordering memory modules but if they are version X.X they should work and if they are version X.XX they may not work.,

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Thank you Ram guy,


Can you please specifiy which modules may be suitable as I would like to max out my motherboards RAM, I dont mind the cost so that is not a consideration. Are there any dual channel kits (either 2 x 4gb or 4 x 4gb) that you may recommend I try? That would be of great help....thanks for your advice.

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