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Professional Series™ AX850/AX750/AX650 Individually Sleeved Modular Cables


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Im interested in getting these cables, but the Price with shipping is $128.99, thats nearly the price of the PSU! just for some sleeved cables!


Are these cables going to be avaliable to retailers in Australia? I would love to get them for the $89.99 but not pay that much for shipping.


Grand Total $128.99

Cart Subtotal: $89.99

Shipping & Handling (Flat Rate 7-10 days - UPS Express Saver) $39.00

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I am sorry but we would not be able to help you with this on the forum, I would suggest installing Skype and calling our customer service by phone. The number is listed under contact on the main site and you can call the Toll Free number with Skype for free.
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