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SP2200: is there an auto sleep mode


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I'm interested in the SP2200 (hoping I won't have one from the defective serie :p:).

I've planned to use it with a TV through jack or RCA. The thing is I want the SP2200 to go to sleep mode automatically (after 15 minutes of inactivity for example). I don't want to hear constant "breath".

I know a lot of active subwoofer have a sleep mode. So I hoped the receiver in SP2200 was able to go in sleep mode automatically. Is it possible or not ?


In fact, to be honest, it's not for me, it's a gift, and I know it's a blocker for the person... Unfortunately, I did not find a doc on the Internet, and like it's not mentioned in its web page, I'm not very confident...

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The speakers are not designed to go to sleep mode like you are explaining. However you can set night mode with our SP2500 speakers which will limit the power to the sub woofer when this mode is on so they are not booming.

So I would suggest you consider our SP2500 speakers.

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Thanks for the answer ! Appreciated.


In fact, I don't think even the SP2500 is usable. The person which will use it has quite lost her eyesight, so I have to find something always easier.

I think there's a place on market for audio for TV. Since they suck for sound, it would be good to have easy soundkit (i.e. 2 small speakers, and a larger subwoofer to go behind TV). But it has to go to sleep mode automatically (no breathe, integrated receiver quite off apart verifying voltage incoming from input) and wake up when sound incoming (people only use a remote control for TV).

Even people who have a nice Home Cinema setup (like me) would like such a thing. But maybe it's harder to realize, there are constraints.


Sorry for the offtopic, the Sp2200 is still a nice product, especially considering its price.

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