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h80 fans as intake or exhaust?


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I concur with beeker. Set it up as exhaust. I would mount the radiator to the case's exhaust port and then mount the fan in exhaust configuration so that it blows air out over the radiator rather than sucking air over it.


Of course you can try it both ways and monitor temps using a program like realtemp.


You cannot use Realtemp, because it is designed for Intel processors. I haven't tried it, but you can if you like. I'd use Lavalys's Everest, it's an excellent program and provides a ton of info on most if not all components in your system.


I imagine if you set it up as intake the rest of your system will have substantially higher temps.


Again, I'd say I have to agree with beeker. I read the overclocker's club review on the H80 and they stated that setting it up in intake mode not only raised internal component temps, it also raised video card temps and the fan was louder. I'd take the marginal difference in CPU temp if it meant applying less stress on the rest of my system.


Also, it is extremely useful to have an exhaust fan, it helps keep system temps down and relieves stress on internal components. While it is true that the PSU has a fan that exhausts heat, most of that heat is from the PSU and does little to help exhaust chassis heat. This kind of depends on the PSU though.


Hope this helps!


Let us know how it goes for ya!


-Lestat II

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