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Windows won't boot with M60 plugged in?


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I use a MSI Z68A-GD65 G3, I5-2500K, 8gb G.Skill Ram, OCZ Agility 3 SSD, GTX560ti, X-Fi Fatality on Windows 7 64 bit.


Anyway my PC has run 100% flawlessly since I built it at the end of last year. I had been using a Razer mouse but yesterday I purchased a Corsair M60.


So I get home and uninstall the Razer software, shut the computer down, unplug the Razer mouse and plug in the Corsair M60. Switch back on and after the initial post screens, the screen, as it usually does, goes black for a couple of seconds, but instead of the Windows logo then appearing it just stays black and there is a code 'B2' in the bottom right hand corner.


So I switch off, unplug the Corsair mouse and plug in the Razer, switch on and Windows loads perfectly. I noticed that this time at the part where the screen goes black it displays code 'A2' in the bottom right hand corner.


Anyway with windows loaded, I go to the Corsair website and download the software (2.12 beta) for the M60. I then plug in the M60, with the Razer still also plugged in, and Windows recognizes I have added new hardware and a few seconds later the mouse is working perfectly. If I change something in the software panel it affects the mouse so it all seems fine.


I unplug the Razer and carry on surfing and playng a bit a of TF2 to put the Corsair through it's paces out - it works perfectly and is really nice.


I then shut down the PC and thought no more about it. This morning I switch my PC on and again it won't load Windows - the black screen with 'B2' is there and it won't go past it. I unplug the Corsair mouse and reset the PC using the button on the case. Now Windows loads perfectly and once I'm at the main desktop I plug the Corsair back in and it works perfectly. I try resetting it and again with the Corsair plugged in it won't boot past the black screen?


Any ideas why it won't boot Windows with the Corsair plugged in?

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My laptop will not move boot either. I have a M90. I originally thought that the laptop had mistakenly thought the mouse was a USB drive and was trying to boot off of it, but I have disabled the option to boot off of a USB and it continues to happen.


Any idea what could be causing this? Note: This does not happen on my main PC, just the laptop.

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