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0xc000000e BSOD on Resume from suspend


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the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.


I did not have any problems on my 1st instal of win 7, but I now get this error message when I resume from the longer sleep.


corsair force 3 gt 180 win7 64bit


I seen this thread with a different error code.


I tried taking off quick boot, it did not change.


Any further suggestions?

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Thanks for the response,


I did run the command, and it mentioned something about finding errors but it was not able to fix them all. the specific were to be copied to a log file.


I went to open the log file, and I was unable to do so. Something about permissions.

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Secure erase the SSD and reinstall Windows.


Exactly what I knew in my hart was the only option, but didnt want to hear.


For something that is so instrumental to the correct operation of SSD's (or maybe just force 3 SSD's) Should be included in the box and each customer should be well informed that a secure erase needs to be done upon each OS install

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