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P3 256GB problems


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Hi there,


I am experiencing problems with my P3 256GB. So far the drive killed my Windows install three times (Blackscreen-error message and drive state frozen, Windows could not repair the installation) and caused two F4 blue screens.


I have done everything as it was suggested with the F3 drives (I received the P3 as a replacement for the F3).


Today it would not boot Windows for the first two tries, later it froze for quite some time.


Are there others experiencing these kind of problems? Are they still related to the P67 chipset? Any suggestions?

As the drive had worked for a couple of weeks/months, I haven't watched these forums closely ... so is there a reason the P3 drives have practically disappeared from the european market? Is the P3 Pro the replacement?

Any responses would be appreciated.





PCH @1.5V (1.6V made no difference), 6" Sata3 cable, Intel P67 @ AHCI with Intel RST/drivers

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Here are two screenshots of CDI (kind of still meaningless?) and ATTO.

Am I right in saying ATTO looks ok, except for the degrading write speeds?


... installing Intel RST ...must have missed it at the last backup/install.




well ... two F4's in 20 minutes and True Image backup won't go through ... *sigh*




left the pc at the login screen before going to work so as for the drive to have enough time for garbage collection, just came back and the drive LED was on permanently and the login screen was frozen ... time for another RMA (the 4th one)?



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I'm currently having problems with the Backup bit, True Image stops with an error reading from a specific sector ...


Heading off for secure erase number four ... seeing as frequency of problems/errors increased drastically over the last month I'm not having high hopes.

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Did just that. For now everything is fine again ... waiting for the RMA.


Just can't stop wondering if there are others experiencing the problems. I find it highly unlikely that three ( two different types ) drives should produce the same problems. The only pointer I have is that the rest of the hardware works fine with a normal HDD.

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