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I poster that i was looking to upgrade my "dell 530 inspiron" and i told the make and model of the






and i got nothing and i find that "ODD" that a company that have good product that i poster a problem and that i need help and after 2 or 3 week nothing just 79 view from it and this is what i get.......common you have to do better that this and if DECIDED that you want to help me and buy your product....help me and if not i go somewhere else


here the specs of my pc


bestec atx0300d5wb rev x3


My Mobo

dell / foxconn g33m02 motherboard



Pentium dual core 2.2ghz


and also i saw your channel today and i saw the video


"How to Upgrade Your Dell Inspiron Desktop PC with a Corsair TX V2 PSU and NVIDIA GPU"


and that my pc is grey/white case if it make any difference from the video but i was paying attention to the PSU and i believe your black case is the same dimension as my gray/white and i want to know will this PSU fit because i want to upgrade to a 450 or 500 PSU and the video card i got is a ATI Radeon HD 5450 from xfx and that why i want to upgrade my PSU

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Corsair doesn't make video cards, so posting here for recommendations would get you almost no responses. You also posted in a non-moderated area (which was the correct place to post for the video card question), which means that almost no one even visits that area. Also, it wasn't 2-3 weeks, it was 8 days. Views mean nothing since search engine bots hit the forum regularly. 79 views does not equal 79 human beings.


Now as for your PSU question, you first need to ask Dell if your 530 can take a standard ATX PSU. That case may be too small to fit a standard ATX PSU into, and the motherboard may have a proprietary Dell ATX power connector.

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The non profit organization where i bought the computer i call him today and i explain and ask if he "have any other PSU that would fit into my dell 530 tower" due to the fact i have a video card and one of the requirement is that i need a 400w PSU and he ask about the video card and he told that i would need a 500w PSU and that he would have to get to me tomorrow that he have to speak with the technician


and he call me back because as he do that i when in search for something that would fit and compatible but is most get the full usage of this pc and that why i talk about the video and since is both dell 530 tower but difference color you must say they must fit with no problem and lastly i hate the new pc right now and that if i could afford one i still wont buy it because this is still good enough and for many many years

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