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Rma questions, bought in malaysia but currently in korea


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I bought a f60 ssd in Malaysia, but I am studying in Korea now.

the ssd is spoiled (10months now)

can i sent to rma in Korea? coz the 2 ways EMS cost back to Malaysia to the distributor and back to Korea again already cost half of the f60 price which is very not worth.


If I directly sent for rma by myself, the 2 ways shipping cost is bear by me or corsair?


Please advise, thanks.

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I havent try secure erase the drive with parted magic yet,

anyway, what is the purpose of secure erase? try to recover the ssd? or to secure erase all my data?


my ssd drive problem is:

one day it suddenly cause my windows to crash

later i found out that it always lost detection after awhile i boot into windows

I tried change sata cable and change slot, the problem still exist

So i try to plug into my laptop and format a new windows into it

however the format cannot finish (because it keep lost detection after a short while)

Should i just rma it?

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  • Corsair Employees

The secure erase will bring the drive back to a new state, like it was when you first got the drive. And with that issue I would check the firmware version ( Crystal Disk Info can help you with that) and update it if its not the latest version posted in the SSD Firmware update section.

The Latest Force 2 series Firmware version would be 2.4

The latest Force 3 series Firmware version would be 1.3.3.

I would suggest using an application like Accronis to create and image of the current install and then boot the system with another drive and add the SSD as a second drive them update the firmware and then secure erase the drive. You can re image the drive after the firmware update is done so you don't have to reinstall.

This is discussed in the SSD section of the forum.

How to Restore Corsair SSD performance WITHOUT using HDDErase.

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thanks for the reply!

i will skip the acronis image backup because i already installed my windows on a 3.25 hdd, and the f60 is as secondary drive now

eventhough the f60 is secondary drive now, it still have the lost detection problem

i tried secure erase the f60 with tune hd pro, it cant finish the task. The ssd will just lost detection in windows explorer.


anyway, do you confident that updating the firmware and secure erase the f60 will fix my problem?

because it would cost quite some hassle for me as I am currently busy with my master studies.

If you are confident then I will proceed.

If it is unlikely to save my ssd and it is already the last resort, then can i just rma it?

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  • Corsair Employees

You will have to use Parted Magic HD Tune is exclusively for spinning HDD's.

And then try and do the firmware update and see if that solves the problem and yes if not we can always proceed with the RMA to replace it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

finally i have some free time

i have done the parted magic and secure erase

i have also updated the firmware to 2.4

i am now running atto and crystal disk mark


BUT i am not sure whether the instability and lost detection problem will still occur or not

i will monitor it for a few days




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after 1 day of usage, the f60 is dead again

not detectable anymore after i restart my laptop

i am disappointed with corsair ssd


should I sent rma directly with corsair taiwan hub?

or should i sent back to my malaysia reseller?

which 1 is faster and more convenient?



edited: i try to plug the f60 into pc and it gets detected again

then i plug back to my laptop and it works again

however i am still worry that the lost detection will happen again

waiting for moderator's reply on my previous question

should i RMA directly or sent back to reseller? which 1 is faster and more convenient?

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