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500R problem


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Right I have recently bought a 500R, I pressed the light button on the front of the case and the fan lights turned off (great)


However when pressing the button again the lights do not stay on, they only stay on for as long as the button is pressed.


I've even removed the front panel and tried pressing the button but again the lights do not stay on they only light up while the button is pressed.


This isn't normal surely?


The lights should come on when I press the button once right?


As it stands my lights are currently off and won't stay on now.

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Just read some forum posts and alot of them said to use the rma form on the left side of the screen. Fill out the information and someone will email you with info. Might take like 2-3 days like it did for me. If they don't send something by that time, then do it again.
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