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Carbide 500r and cooling


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The fans that are included with the 500R are sufficient enough to run a system. There are a couple of things that you can change though. Like adding 120mm on top or replace the 200mm fans on the side by 4 x 120mm fans. A lot of variation, it is up to you how you see it fits.
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What CPU cooler are you using, the standard Intel CPU cooler?


Memory cooling is not needed unless you are overclocking your memory, plus your memory already has heat sinks on it.


What do you mean by a "cooling sys"?


I have 500R, and the stock fans are pretty good, and not noisy. Don't forget you can change their speed with the switch on the front panel.


If you are gaming a lot, you might want to add fans to pull the hot air from your GTX550 out of the case. Two 120mm or 140mm fans can be added under the top cover of your case.

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