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VS2GBKIT533D2 on Foxcon P4M800P7MB only reports half memory


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I Have a problem with a recent upgrade on Machine using the above memory kit. The Machine emits one long repeated beep (about 4 seconds) during POST but I I press reset it will boot normally but both the BIOS and Windows only report about half the memory 982016K BIOS 1.0GB installed from windows. (Win 7 Ultimate 32Bit)


Memory settings are as follows


DRAM Timing Auto (by SPD)

CL DDR/DDR2 2.5/4

Bank interleave Disabled

Trp 4T

Tras 07T

Trcd 4T

Trfc 21t

Trrd 3T


Twtr 1T/2T

Twr 4T

RDSAIT Auto (03)


Any ideas anyone ?

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I am sorry but we will not have compatible memory for that system as it will require memory made with 64m X 8 Memory IC's and all of the memory we are producing for this part will use a higher density memory IC that this Mb will not be able to use. I would see if the reseller will let you return them and purchase a set of modules that have been qualified by the MB manufacturer.
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Many thanks for you help


Unfortunately due to the Motherboard being so old I am having difficulty finding the MQL from Foxconn but now that I know it needs low density memory with 64M x 8 chips I should be able to obtain some from somewhere although they are getting rather rare nowadays.

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