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Corsair H100 Fan Controller failure


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Hmm I did shutdown my PC and now I turn it on and I see a change in the speeds fan I open up the case I see that the fan controller lights are dead.. the person in the controller got light but the profiles no

When I start the PC 2 fans work and then the other one stops.. and I can't switch to any profile.. but temperature still fine but one fan isn't working and the controller isn't working no idea why no one messed with the PC

It was working before 5 6 hours..

I hate to RMA.. I'm in Israel.. RMAing to US costs a lot and I have no credit card also.. :(


Anyhelp? I know I can return it to the store but I only have it for 1 month

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When the man icon is lit on the fan controller (when not using Corsair Link) that means the firmware in the fan controller is not running. There is a reset procedure for the fan controller, here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=99361

The procedure is described in the last half of that post.


Try the reset procedure a couple times if necessary, and if it won't fix it, you should return it to the store, rather than RMA.

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